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Important Notes about this website

Please be aware that there are generic product pictures featured throughout the website. Specific product pictures are featured in the model gallery section for each range.

Victory Leisure Homes takes its obligations as a manufacturer extremely seriously. Please do be aware however that if you have purchased your holiday home from a dealer, agent, or distributor of Victory Leisure Homes that your contract is with that dealer, distributor, or agent. Victory Leisure Homes is not able to accept any responsibility for any claims, representations, or warranties made by any third party, and in the event of any queries arising, you should liaise with your dealer, distributor, or agent directly.

In order for any Victory Leisure Home to be used, it needs to be correctly sited, have steps or other means of entry and be connected to services (an appropriate propane gas supply, mains electricity to suit the required wattage off -take, mains water at a pressure to suit the appliances and a waste water/sewage outlet). Most models can be powered by mains electricity only, although some layout changes will be necessary. Victory Leisure Homes Ltd. recommends that you do not use the product for residential occupancy. All Victory leisure homes are built to comply with many European and British Standards and all relevant Codes of Practice required by the National Caravan Council Certification Scheme and those endorsed by The British Holiday and Home Parks Association. These include the recommendation that caravan holiday homes should only be used for temporary holiday occupancy.

The sizes given are reasonably accurate shell measurements, but if your chosen pitch has size limitations or obstructions, you should consult with your park operator or dealer to establish specific sizes.

• This Victory Leisure Homes Ltd website is intended only as an overall guide. The Illustrations, photographs, descriptions, information and statements contained in this website and any other Victory Leisure Homes Ltd. literature, are intended only as a general overview. They are relevant to the product at the time of writing and production of the website, but Victory Leisure Homes Ltd. reserves the right to change any materials, fittings, sizes etc. at any time and without prior notice as supply, product development or legislation conditions demand.

The matching and lining-up of patterns on wallboards and fabrics is not always possible because of the caravan design and methods of construction.

Some of the items photographed (e.g. all patio decking, microwaves, televisions, DVD players, hi-fi units, some soft furnishings for beds and general props) are for illustration purposes only. Please refer to your park or dealer if you need clarification.

All Victory leisure homes are built to meet the requirements of EN1647 for snow loading categories A and B provided that the caravan is sited as recommended in the relevant Code of Practice for siting.

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Please note:
The description given for some features is not always applicable to every model within any range as there may be legal / technical / layout requirements that may create the need to alter or leave out the stated feature. Also, any item pictured may be different in size or style in other models within the range. Please be aware that supplied appliances and fittings may vary from those shown / described as manufacturers may change, update or make obsolete and introduce new models. Such changes are beyond our control and we draw your attention to the fact that we reserve the right to change as these supply implications take effect.
If any feature is critical to your purchasing decision, it would be wise to check beforehand exactly what is supplied with your chosen model.