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Victory Leisure Homes is a multi-site holiday home manufacturer based in Hull and Gilberdyke, East Yorkshire. The team of industry experts has developed a range of outstanding holiday homes that are underpinned by experienced craftsmen and cutting-edge technology.

Part of the Rix Group, Victory is regarded as a team of innovators: unafraid to break from the status quo and prepared to shake up the traditional ‘slow to react’ holiday homes model.

Victory’s products are designed, built, and finished to the highest standard in order to stand the test of time. They’re created with the end-user in mind, balancing a holiday homes’ functional and practical requirements with bespoke, high-end finishes that truly stand the product apart.

Proud of our heritage but firmly focussed on our future

Founded in 2009 by the J.R. Rix Group, Victory has become an established part of the leisure home industry. The 6 generations of family values from the J.R. Rix Group are embedded into our values and have enhanced our passion to become the best manufacturer in the leisure home industry. We strive to implement our values in everything we do, which is allowing us to shape the way we build our leisure homes and work to achieve our ambitious goals.

We believe in providing excellence in everything we do. We will always be customer-focused, to ensure we are able to innovate quickly, providing highly desirable products for holiday parks so that customers can enjoy memorable holiday experiences. We will always operate with integrity, we are straight-talking and take care of our customers and employees, putting them at the front of what we do.

With over 12 years of successful trading performance behind us, Victory’s long-term sustainable growth is supported by the J.R. Rix Group, allowing us to be agile when responding to market demands. Our 300,000 square foot manufacturing facility over two sites in East Yorkshire provides the capacity to build over 100 holiday homes and over 20 lodges per week. Our business is ideally positioned to support and meet the needs and expectations of busy holiday parks.

“Our leisure homes have been designed to suit every holidaymaker. Whether you’re a solo traveller looking to embark on an adventure with a good book and a pair of walking boots, or are wanting to unwind with your family and enjoy some al fresco dining on a summer evening, we understand what makes a home away from home.

At Victory Leisure Homes, we do things differently. We innovate and push the boundaries of design to curate a collection of leisure homes that are as unique as you.”

Gary Corlyon, Managing Director

NoVus technology – Holiday homes, done better.

The construction of holiday homes hasn’t changed much in 40 years. Until now. Introducing: Novus technology from Victory.

Developed by our team of innovators, Novus – Latin for ‘innovation’ – has revolutionised how we build leisure homes. This new construction technique has been developed in-house by our team of innovation experts.

Our holiday homes:

• Are better by design – we can address feedback on traditional issues directly
• Have a very different feel – they’re structurally sound and feel like home
• Have a solid foundation – using a unique style of composite flooring, we’ve removed any ‘bounce’ on the floors
• Have improved roofs with flushed ceilings – making for a holiday experience that truly feels like a ‘home away from home

Innovation is in our DNA

Our team of innovation experts have turned traditional manufacturing processes on their head. From tweaks to interior configuration to working with our suppliers to develop materials that are more sustainable and future-proof – we never stand still in our commitment to give you the best holiday homes on the market.

Quality craftsmanship
Quality is at the heart of everything we do. Our unrivaled craftsmanship is renowned across the country and our long-standing customers, with whom we’ve developed strong relationships, are a testament to this.

You come first
Despite being one of the newest leisure home manufacturers in the UK, we’re fast becoming the supplier of choice because of our reputation for customer service excellence. We aim to get it right first time. But on the rare occasion we might not, we make sure to put it right with no fuss

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