The perfect pancake for your Victory staycation

The best pancakes from around the UK

Pancakes are a classic tasty treat that are well-known around the world, but did you know that they differ depending on the country you live in?

With Pancake Day just around the corner, there’s no better excuse to (re)introduce yourself to the various types of pancakes that originated in the country your Victory lodge is located. Whether that’s England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, there’s a different pancake for each for you to try.

Ireland – the Irish Boxty

Made with egg, flour, milk, butter and potato – no, it’s not a hash brown – the Irish Boxty is Ireland’s national pancake and not what you would typically expect from a pancake, either. To add to the savoury goodness, it can be topped with chopped chives, salt and pepper, or simply sour cream. The Irish Boxty is the most savoury pancake on the list – move over ham and cheese!

Why not serve as a snack or as part of a delicious meal at your Victory lodge at Sandycove Holiday Home, Northern Ireland?

England – traditional British pancakes

Every Victory lodge should have the staple ingredients needed for a classic English pancake in their kitchen all year round. Only using plain flour, eggs, milk and oil, traditional English pancakes are quick, easy and thin – meaning you will always have room, and time, for more than one. Add jam, Nutella, maple syrup, or just sprinkle over some sugar and drizzle with lemon juice.

Enjoy in the picturesque Lido Leisure Park, North Yorkshire, surrounded by tranquil nature and woodland.

Wales – the Crempog

If you’re at your Victory Leisure Home at Ogwen Bank Holiday Park, you must try Wales’ native pancake.

Although the Crempog looks like a typical American pancake, it’s actually one of the oldest recipes in Wales and is cooked on a hot bakestone or griddle, over a moderate heat. Usually served in a stack and spread with butter, other toppings you can enjoy with a Crempog are powdered sugar, fresh fruit, and maple syrup.

Which pancake will you be trying out this Pancake Day?