Victory’s pioneering design and manufacturing process

Changing the way we build

Holiday homes done better

The construction of holiday homes hasn’t changed much in 40 years. Until now. Introducing NoVus technology. Developed by our team of innovators, NoVus – Latin for ‘innovation’ – has revolutionised how we build leisure homes. This new construction technique has been developed in-house by our team of innovation experts.

NoVus, ensures maximum efficiency in design and quality across all of our beautifully handcrafted lodges and leisure homes. At Victory, we pride ourselves in the production of high-quality accommodation which is built by experts with the highest levels of care, best quality materials, and a desire to continually improve our standards within every leisure home and lodge. .

Leading the way in building homes and lodges

From the start of our design process, through to the building and finishing of our leisure homes and lodges, NoVus enables a seamless design across the board to ensure all of our homes are built to the highest standards, whilst ensuring our range is equally stylish, functional and delivered to you with first class customer care.

Seamless design

We have created ‘bead-less’ internal wallboard joints, giving the accommodation a sleeker finish without compromising the build, instead, the walls are fully bonded using high compressive strength insulation to help make your accommodation feel like a home. We have even continued the bead-less theme across the ceilings to enhance the appearance*.


100% energy efficient

With fantastic thermal efficiency and state-of-the-art build technology, Victory leisure homes and lodges provide the perfect comfort throughout the year, keeping you warm in winter and cooler in the summer.

Better build quality

Using a unique style of composite flooring, unseen in competitors, we’ve removed any ‘bounce’ on the floors. Our full range is built on highly efficient and strong composite floors, helping prevent sound traveling and to keep you warmer.

Where the heart is

We wholeheartedly believe that our homes built using NoVus technology are the best quality on the market as we take care every step of the way, ensuring our full range is built to the same high standard. Above all, we believe every Victory leisure home and lodge will help families come together and create memories, ensuring a home away from home is with a Victory.