New factory, new technology, new products: Victory enters a new era

Changing the way we build

Holiday homes, done better

Victory began transforming its business with the ambition of helping parks become more successful by providing outstanding lodges and holiday homes which will provide amazing accommodation to enhance the experience of holidaymakers.

Inspiring new development

We have discovered that holiday home manufacturing does not need to be slow to react. Knowing this had led us to change the way we invest in people and how we design and build products. This has resulted in us bringing new innovative living spaces to market with the promise that we will continually aim to do this by always listening to our customer’s needs.

Great people

Our recruitment process ensures our team cares and continually strives for the very best in everything they do. In addition, the introduction of a training and development program means our team understands how to listen to the needs of our customers and deliver on the service promises we make.

Great products

You told us ‘build better products and bring innovations quickly to market’. To achieve this, we overhauled our design and build process resulting in the development of a brand new tiered range of desirable leisure homes specifically crafted to meet the different needs of the holiday market.

Great service

From your initial contact through to delivery and aftercare we are here to support you and provide the service you require. We are continually developing our service and understand by building collaborative working relationships we are able to find out how we can help your business succeed.

Creating a home from home

Since 2019 we have changed a lot and learned even more, but one thing which stands out is the importance of the end-user when designing holiday homes.  To this end, investing in a Victory means you are investing in a lifestyle, where we are committed to providing a space where your guests can experience truly unforgettable holidays.